5G campus networks

What is a 5G campus network?

What innovations does 5G bring?

5G is an important step towards digital transformation for business, industry and government institutions. Compared to 4G/LTE, the 5G network leads to unprecedented speed, reliable connections and significantly increased capacity for mobile data traffic. It also significantly increases the range of network coverage with considerably lower latency compared to 4G/LTE. Test123 4

How do companies benefit from 5G campus networks?

5G campus networks are the next-generation mobile technology and one of the most important systems for delivering mobile broadband to enterprises, industry and government. A 5G campus network is a geographically limited, localized mobile network adapted for specific needs such as industrial communications. The private network is not accessible from the outside. This has the enormous advantage that the full capacity of the network is available to your company at all times.

The special requirements of industry in terms of availability/redundancy, data security, manageability, scalability and occupational safety place particularly high demands on the quality of planning and installation of such complex 5G data networks.

FMB Engineering already decided in 2015 to carry out in-house planning only with software support using iBwave as the leading planning software. Approved by all network operators in Germany, we have extensive experience and best references with industrial customers, banks, developers/general contractors and real estate companies.

For the installation of mobile networks we rely on experienced and certified staff, modern installation and measurement equipment with Anritsu and ROMES 4 measurement systems for utility metering.

A 5G campus network offers countless use cases, such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Airports, Smart Stadium and other applications that require high performance and reliability. It is also possible to implement campus networks with alternative technologies such as fiber optic networks or Wifi/WLAN.

Your contact person:

Max Mustermann

Head of Division 5G Campus Networks

Whitepapers for download:

"The hype around 5G campus networks" "Operator models in comparison" "Special Issue: Smart City"

Use Cases

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the term for the digitalization of manufacturing and aims to connect the physical world with the digital world. The goal is to create smarter factories, supply chains and logistics. Industry 4.0 will bring part of the digital world into the physical world in the form of sensors, cameras and robots, enabling people and machines to collaborate, communicate better and use data to improve production.

Smart City

With the advent of artificial intelligence, our cities are becoming smarter. For example, cities can set up their own AI-powered traffic systems to help drivers navigate the city and avoid congestion.

Parking infrastructure is a major problem in many cities, with many vehicles vying for too few spaces. 5G has the potential to change this by enabling smart parking systems that can track cars and efficiently allocate them to available spaces.

Smart Airports

An airport equipped with a 5G campus network can benefit in many ways: Air traffic monitoring, fast Internet for passengers, sensors for detecting objects on the ground, data transmissions without congested mobile networks or real-time information on departures and arrivals.

All these benefits make airports more efficient and less congested.

Smart Stadium

A 5G campus network opens up unimagined new opportunities for smart stadiums.

5G campus networks can transform the way sports and entertainment are experienced. The integration of 5G networks into stadiums will provide spectators with a more seamless and interactive experience. From paying for food and drinks to ordering tickets, everything will be done from your mobile device while you watch your favorite team from the comfort of your seat.

The stadium of the future will be smart, communicate with its spectators and, above all, offer state-of-the-art technology.

Various implementation options

In-house 5G solution without connection to the public network

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5G slice in the public network of network operators

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What we do

Analysis of individual requirements from use cases Inventory analysis of existing networks; interaction with other technologies e.g. WiFi, fiber etc. Recommendation on operator model or alternative technologies

If necessary, frequency application
Rough concept of antennas - important for frequency application à Actual status and rough concept based on this
Rough budget calculation

Campus areas, antenna locations with parameterized heights and orientation + WGS coordinates;
Cost calculation for frequency application as well as on behalf dispatch to Federal Network Agency

As-is coverage measurement to determine the quality of the existing mobile network and to identify coverage gaps
On-site site inspection to record the object infrastructure; coordination with provider & third parties
Initial design planning according to network operator standards (level plan, network design) incl. feedback rounds with provider & customers

Final implementation planning for realization according to the standard of the network operators

Project management for the realization of the RF network
Mention here also network modernization of other networks outside the campus!
If desired, control of subcontractors or realization with own specialists

Further broadband solutions for our industrial customers