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Our communication solutions help companies and municipalities with the digital transformation.

For this, we analyse the individual requirements and use cases and take over the entire project management - from planning to the finished network.

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5G campus networks

The new mobile communications standard 5G is an important step towards the digital transformation of companies, industry and cities. Compared to previous radio solutions such as LTE or WLAN, 5G leads to unrivalled speed, reliability and latency for ...

Radio networks

The availability of mobile services is taken for granted today. It is only when the necessary network coverage is not available that we become aware of its great importance. This often happens in modern new buildings or renovated buildings due to the shielding effect ...

Broadband networks

Comprehensive coverage with high-performance gigabit networks, whether in the city or in rural areas, forms the basis for new digital applications in society, business and administration. The current broadband expansion in Germany is correspondingly important, for which ...

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2013 - 2023 | 10 years FMBE

A reason to celebrate but also to pause and review.

In the following months, we will continue to bring forth facts and anecdotes from the FMBE's existence.

You can find more details in the article.

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Wish fulfillment 2022

FMBE fulfills wishes

After receiving donations, we now received the news that we were able to fulfill 2 heart's desires.

You can find more details in the article.

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A year in review and Christmas wishes

Dear customers, dear partners,
Dear colleagues,

Fiscal year 2022 is as good as over. I think many feel the same way when I say, "It was only Christmas 2021!"
At moments like this, our awareness of how much has happened in the past year is heightened.
So we can look back on really great conversations with customers, suppliers and the entire team. Together we started exciting projects, made new contacts, launched major projects and set new milestones.

We wish you and your loved ones a relaxing holiday season and a prosperous new year! Read our short review of the year and find out what is planned in 2023.

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