Handover donation 2022

FMBE donates again to regional association

FMBE supports regional association again

The end of 2022 is in sight and Christmas is fast approaching. For many, this is a time to actively engage with tradition and family. During Advent in particular, people like to look back on the traditions they have lived by. Christmas baking, the lighting of Advent candles, annual family reunions, Christmas celebrations or even participation in Christmas mass. Traditions are part of our society and contribute to togetherness. It's the community that counts - coming together in what is otherwise a dreary time of year.

Tradition and community - 2 Important values also within the FMBE.

As in previous years, we would like to maintain our Christmas traditions. In addition to bringing colleagues together, we would like to continue to help the community and support a local association.

This year, we will once again make a donation of EUR 2,000 to the MainLichtblick e.V. association.
"The MainLichtblick e.V. association, which is recognized as a non-profit organization, fulfills personal heartfelt wishes of seriously ill, physically impaired and traumatized children and adolescents and thus gives them individual rays of hope.

For children and young people who suffer from serious illnesses and have to endure life crises, moments of happiness are a long way off. In these situations, they often suffer from anxiety and social isolation.

Beautiful experiences help to overcome crises and bring joy and light into difficult everyday life. Simply having fun and being able to laugh liberatedly helps to recharge one's batteries in difficult times in order to master the often arduous everyday life.

The fulfillment of a heart's desire conveys joy and happiness and shines into the future.

With great care and sensitivity, the MainLichtblick team takes care of each child and their heart's desire."

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The association works in the area of Frankfurt a.M. and surroundings and thus close to our location in Groß-Gerau.

This year, our donation will allow us to purchase a special piece of sports equipment and cover the cost of swimming lessons.

Our Head of RN Realization Frank Müller (cover right), presented the check to the association's Executive Director Frank Fechner (cover left) last week.

We are happy to be able to help realize the heart's desires and rays of hope.