Fibre-optic expansion Mittelsachsen einsenergie

Fibre-optic expansion in Central Saxony for eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG

For many years, eins has been involved in its own commercial and subsidized fiber-optic expansion. As a regional company, also within its supply area in the district of Central Saxony. The approach is to build sustainable networks, develop long-term business plans and enter into strategic partnerships, especially with municipalities.

As early as August 2021, a framework agreement was concluded with FMBE for planning services in the funded POP areas (Cluster E) Francium and Polonium in Oberschöna, as well as Bismuth and Lead in Großschirma. In May 2023, we were also commissioned with the construction management and on-site construction supervision.

This includes a period of ~2.5 years until the planned end of the project in 2025:

  • 115 km route length (pipes)
  • 966 km of fiber optic cable
  • Buildings/connections to be supplied in 1980

The full range of services includes:

  • All services to obtain approval and preparation of an implementation plan for the civil engineering and conduit laying trades as well as cable pulling and assembly.
  • Control, coordination and monitoring services for the construction of fibre optic networks