Is the training right for you? Do the self-test.

In a joint workshop, our trainees worked out what you need to make training as an electronics technician (m/f/d) in energy and building technology at FMBE a good fit and fun. We have developed 6 questions that you can use as a guide: If you can answer these with "yes", we are the right training company for you!

  • Are you good with your hands?

You want to learn a skilled trade, so special manual skills are a prerequisite for the training! Maybe you already tinker with bicycles, computers or the like in your free time or actively support family members with craft tasks.

  • Are you interested in technology, telecommunications and IT?

With us, you don't just have to be able to screw, but you also have to be interested in technical contexts. We are not a classic electrical company - we are not about power lines, but about telecommunication lines! If you are enthusiastic about the mobile or broadband networks of a city, a factory or even a stadium or airport, then you have come to the right place.

  • Do you have at least a secondary school diploma?

The training with us is demanding - you should not only be practically skilled, but also be able to understand the theory behind it. This also includes good grades in vocational school. That's why you need at least a secondary school leaving certificate and good grades in maths and science for our training.

  • Are you free from giddiness and weatherproof?

With us, you don't only work indoors, but also at dizzying heights - for example, on a skyscraper or an antenna mast. Of course, it can also get wet and cold there. But neither the height nor the weather can harm you - instead you enjoy the view!

  • Are you ready to travel Germany?

During your training, you are usually on the road in the Frankfurt area and back home in the evening. From time to time, however, you also go on an assembly trip and spend the night in another city. This is a welcome change for you and you look forward to seeing as much of Germany as possible.

  • Are you a team player?

Our trainees see the great working atmosphere and team spirit as the FMBE's greatest strength. You will fit in with us if a good relationship with your colleagues is important to you, if you can be relied on and if you see yourself as a team player instead of a lone fighter.

You were able to answer all the questions with "yes"? Then you are exactly the right candidate for us!