Future-proof fibre optic network for ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

Extension of the existing fibre optic network

The Feralpi Group is a leading international manufacturer of steel products. FMBE was commissioned with the expansion of the existing fibre optic network on the factory premises in Riesa. 

The demand on the network design was to be able to react flexibly and cost-effectively to future requirements for higher bandwidths. Furthermore, simple installation and assembly as well as quick and economical repair in case of damage were required.

Based on the extensive experience from the FTTH/FTTC projects, the planning experts at FMBE decided on a concept based on Speedpipe® pipe bundles and fibre optic micro cables. Particularly in the area of industrial plants, this concept offers the possibility of realising cable runs that would be very costly for conventional fibre optic cable laying or would even make it necessary to cut the fibre optic cable and set a sleeve. In the indoor/office area, speed-pipe® indoor tubes are used, which are specially designed for use in buildings. 

After completion of the tube network, the sensitive optical fibres are blown in over the entire length without any additionally required connection points. The possibility of blowing in additional optical fibres at a later date allows a flexible response to future demands for higher bandwidth.

The expansion of the fibre optic network was carried out as a turnkey construction project in several construction phases during operation.


Customer: ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi Gmbh

Area: Fixed networks

Performance period: 01.09.2016 - 01.05.2017

Scope of services: Turn key; project and construction management; network design; infrastructure planning; documentation; laying or pulling in approx. 1,700m SRV/SRN ductwork; blowing in approx. 12,500m fibre-optic micro-cables; approx. 400 fibre-optic splices; approx. 220 OTDR measurements