Modernisation of the Fraport to #5Gready

"SWAP" of older mobile technology and upgrade of new services In order to meet the increasing demands of mobile users, Telekom recently upgraded its mobile networks at Frankfurt Airport to the Single RAN (SRAN) and 5G Ready standard. As a well-known service provider at Fraport, we were commissioned with the modernisation measures, because only those who can meet the high security standards will get [...]

Open 5G Stand Alone Campus Network for a 5G Testbed in Bavaria

Planning and implementation of an open and flexible system and network architecture For a leading German research institute, the FMBE and its partner siticom are implementing a self-sufficient 5G stand-alone campus solution for a 5G testbed in Bavaria. In this realistic mobile communications environment, companies will be able to simulate and evaluate their industrial applications for the new 5G mobile communications standard. For this purpose, the FMBE [...]

In-house mobile coverage of the new Merck research centre

Mobile phone coverage for Merck's new research centre As the level of digitalisation increases, the requirements for mobile phone coverage in industry are also growing rapidly. To meet this demand, Merck KGaA, another industrial giant, recently turned to the FMBE to equip two of its new buildings at the Darmstadt site with a network operator-independent, modern in-house mobile network. These are [...]

Future-proof fibre optic network for ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

Extension of the existing fibre optic network The Feralpi Group is a leading international manufacturer of steel products. FMBE was commissioned with the expansion of the existing fibre optic network on the factory premises in Riesa. The requirement for the network design was to be able to react flexibly and cost-effectively to future demands for higher bandwidths. Furthermore, a simple [...]

LTE expansion of the Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt am Main

Realisation of the in-house mobile network In order to meet today's requirements of constantly growing data traffic, many companies have to upgrade their in-house networks with LTE. This was also the case recently at Frankfurt's tallest building, the Commerzbank Tower. Here, FMBE was commissioned by Deutsche Telekom Technik to carry out a complete modernisation of the [...]

Expansion of mobile phone coverage for the Commerzbank Arena

To ensure that fans have sufficient reserves for surfing and transmitting videos and images even during top matches in the Bundesliga, Deutsche Telekom's entire mobile network in the Commerzbank Arena was modernised. FMBE, as an experienced company specialising in object supply, was commissioned with the expansion of the existing in-house mobile radio supply and the modernisation [...]

BOS in-house radio coverage for Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport

Particularly in the area of airports, ensuring flawless communication of the police, fire brigade and emergency services is indispensable. In the course of completing and moving into a new administration building at Frankfurt Airport, a complete in-house radio supply and integration into the new digital BOS communication network became necessary. As a listed partner of Fraport AG, and very familiar with the challenges [...]